March 29, 2022

Why Choose VHemp for Your CBD Business?

Having to “wear too many hats” is among the many challenges facing entrepreneurs when starting a business, according to a article.

In the CBD business world, entrepreneurs need even more help when navigating such a novel and evolving industry. Just making sure labels are compliant with federal and state regulations can feel like a daunting task.

For that reason, entrepreneurs benefit from having a support system that’s equipped to handle the needs of a growing business. VHemp offers business owners a partnership they can depend on, with a full array of services available to help them achieve success.

Taking great care to build quality brands from start to finish, VHemp distinguishes itself from other CBD retailers and wholesalers. Overseeing the entire manufacturing process of high-quality products is only the beginning of VHemp’s offerings in producing the best CBD products for retailers throughout our worldwide network.

Having worked with over 300 brands worldwide, we know how to build quality CBD brands effectively and efficiently, sometimes, in as little as 2 weeks. Plus, for four consecutive years, VHemp’s customer service has been rated number one in addition to providing expert brand development and scalable solutions for retailers and wholesalers.

Access to High-Quality Products

The New York Times reported that the CBD business, in the United States alone, is set to produce $16 billion in revenue by 2025.

In such a prosperous market, entrepreneurs and consumers are going to come across substandard products, so it’s important to look for a company that ensures quality as a top priority. Using only natural and organic ingredients made from organic, industrial hemp in Colorado, VHemp products are non-GMO and made in the United States.

In order to create the purest and most potent full-spectrum hemp products, VHemp uses the supercritical CO2 extraction method. This extraction method is a chemical-free method that uses pressurized carbon dioxide to create a “supercritical” state, leaving no toxic side-effects and creating pure hemp extract.

CO2 extraction is also considered one of the safest methods of extraction as well as a very cost-effective method. Additionally, it allows manufacturers the flexibility to create customized forms of CBD without needing to invest in any other method.

Furthermore, every single product created by VHemp undergoes rigorous third-party testing at an independent laboratory. The lab reviews the manufacturing process certifying that the products meet safety, quality, and performance standards. By using good manufacturing practices, the third-party testing organization decreases any possible risks or defects during production.

The VHemp team also has access to the most current nanotechnology that enables them to produce custom formulations, making it possible to design one-of-a-kind products for any business.

Wholesale partners are then able to access our vast industry network while obtaining 50% off VHemp and affiliate products.

Access to High-Quality Products
Having to “wear too many hats” is among the many challenges facing entrepreneurs when starting a business.

Choose From a Variety of CBD Products

VHemp caters to retailers and wholesalers with a multitude of choices from oils to edibles to bath and body products. As your business grows, adding and ordering more items is as simple as deciding what and how much you need. Choose from isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum products as well as different strengths and container sizes.

CBD Oils

You can decide to infuse the CBD extract into a variety of different oil bases such as MCT, Hemp Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, and Honey.

CBD Edibles

Colorful CBD infused gummies and dried fruits make delicious, portable snacks. For lollipops, choose from orange, grape soda, cotton candy, root beer, blue raspberry, and cherry flavors to add to your brand inventory.


Those seeking to offer CBD-infused coffee to their offerings can select from such flavors as Ethiopia, Colombia, and South America. And for yet another outside-the-box option, brands can offer grade-A CBD-infused honey and honey sticks product/cbd-honey-sticks, which contain 10 mg of CBD per stick.


All of the honey products have flavor options of natural, green apple, orange, banana, peach, blue raspberry, cinnamon, strawberry, pink lemonade, grape, raspberry, pina colada, blueberry, and watermelon.


CBD isolate and distillate forms are also available in bulk raw materials that are unflavored. This gives customers the option of adding it to any number of items of their own choosing.

CBD Edibles
Colorful CBD infused gummies and dried fruits make delicious, portable snacks.

Vape Oils products

Choose either CBD Vape E-Liquid or a Ccell Vape Cartridge to pair with other vape products. These also come in 200 different flavors.


In the form of pods, these smokables offer quality with 18 different flavors such as mango, coconut, and even marshmallow.

Disposable vape pens carry over 200 flavors including purple haze and sour diesel.

VHemp’s Herbal Shisha is tobacco-free and made specifically to enhance the hookah experience with smooth flavors.

Pre-rolled Joints allow consumers a portable and disposable alternative.

CBD Hemp flower is also available in different container sizes. With a higher CBD content and less than .03% THC, it can be legally harvested and shipped.

CBD Pet Products

Pet treats come in favorite flavors such as steak bites, turkey jerky, and cat treats among other delicious choices.

CBD Pet Products
Pet treats come in favorite flavors such as steak bites, turkey jerky, and cat treats among other delicious choices.


Utilizing Scalable Solutions

At this point, it must be clear that VHemp offers enough choices to satisfy any entrepreneur and consumer. With those choices, we provide plenty of resources to help retailers balance their business and as much support they need to keep their business thriving.

Another choice to consider is whether to use white label or private label manufacturing. Making this choice depends entirely on your business needs and funds

  • Benefits of White Label Manufacturing
    • Offers a shorter turnaround time because the product has already been manufactured.
    • Saves time and money because the branding and packaging may have already been handled.
    • Limits choices so there’s no need for more decisions.
  • Benefits of Private Label Manufacturing
    • Allows for a more detailed decision making.
    • Offers for a long-term view of profits.
    • Customizes the products. Distinguishing them from other, similar products.

Learn more about white label and private label manufacturing here.

VHemp’s Process and Support

Because VHemp controls the complete manufacturing process, there’s no need to worry about the details involved in the quality of the products. VHemp even checks all items for quality assurance before shipping your products.

Entrepreneurs simply decide what they need to start their business and work with our industry specialists to collaborate on a marketing strategy. Then, our team will help you customize your products.

The marketing team listens to your ideas then builds upon your vision in order to execute the perfect brand development plan to fit your desires and give you a competitive edge depending on the current market outlook.

If you prefer to be less involved in the process, we’ll work on the details for you. That’s the beauty of working with VHemp. By researching the best brands, we anticipate competitive trends and help you make better business decisions.

If any questions or concerns arise, our support staff is ready to help you along the way. This includes international support.

Saving time and energy while helping you avoid headaches, VHemp takes the effort out of starting a CBD business and offers limitless possibilities.

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